Saitama Plan

Kimono shooting and Japanese tea ceremony experience
at Saitama City

We invite you to an extraordinary Japanese Experience to dress up in an elegant kimono to attend a traditional tea ceremony in an exquisite Japanese tea room, tea garden; and have it all professionally captured in photographs for your wonderful memories.

The Holy Land of the Bonsai – Saitama City (Omiya) ?miya is a historical city that originated as the gateway town (“monzenmachi”) leading to the Hikawa Shrine and prospered as the fourth of the sixty-nine stations (“shukuba”) along the Nakasendo (“Central Mountain Route”) during the Edo period.
Easily accessible from Tokyo, please join us in ?miya for a wonderful journey into the Japanese culture through “kimono” and “history”.

Saitama Plan #01

Pre-Wedding photo shoot and Japanese tea ceremony at Japanese tea ceremony room and tea garden.

298,000yen (Tax included)
It takes 210min to complete the plan.

Plan Details

Saitama Plan #02

Couple ・Family Photo shoot and Japanese tea ceremony at Japanese tea ceremony room and tea garden.

148,000yen (Tax included)
It takes 210min to complete the plan.

Plan Details


Additional 1

More Kimono Rental (kimono dressing – included)


Additional 2

Washoku (Japanese Cuisine)



“Kurama” in Kurama, Rakuhoku, reminiscent of the ancient city of Kyoto
Kaiseki ryori is traditional Japanese haute cuisine and is served at ryokans and high-end Japanese restaurants.

Kaiseki(Kujo course) 13,500
Zensai:appetizer Lotus root yolk sushi, Wax gourd with white sauce , Wolfberry, Fried river Crab, Sea urchin sushi and Boiled Fushimi pepper with dried bonito flakes
Wammori:clear soup Button conger and small melon, Plum pulp and Grated lotus root
Otsukuri:sashimi Today’ s fresh fish
Takiawase:steamed dish Lotus root bun, Grind chicken, Lotus seeds , bok choy hybrid and ginger with sweet soy glaze
Yakimon:grilled dish Sauteed lotus root and Sweet and sour pickled young gingers
Agemono:deep-fried dish Fried lotus root and shrimp dumplings, Small eggplant and zucchini with ‘Moromi Miso’ (Special Miso Sauce which made by soy,rice and other grains well mixed)
Meshimono:rice Eel Chirashi Shusi
Shirumono:miso soup Red miso soup
Dessert Today’ s dessert
Kaiseki for children 6,100
Kid’s Meal 3,100

Sakagura eiraku

Sake and Kappo-Cuisine of Izakaya (Japanese -pub) Eiraku is theoldest longest-established store in the West of Omiya, which was founded in 1956.
It’s enjoy the rare local sake of Saitama city.

Course 6,600
Zensai:appetizer Horse mackerel and edamame
sunomono:Vinegared Vegetables Squid and cucumber vinegar
Otsukuri:sashimi Sashimi of tuna, squid, shrimp and salmon
Yakimon:grilled dish Grilled squid with Saikyo miso
Agemono:deep-fried dish Mixed tempura with Shrimp
nimono : Simmered dish Deep-fried mix root vegetables tofu
musimono:Steamed dish Japanese stesmed egg custard
kikizake:Japanes Sake tastin Choose 5 types of your favorite sake for tastin
Kid’s Meal 3,300


Hidden restaurant in Omiya Only domestic Japanese “Kuroge Wagyu”, fresh fish sent directly from the fishing port, fresh local vegetables, and carefully selected ingredients are used.
It is a Japanese French restaurant that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients and is particular about the season.

Full course of Japanese French 11,000
AperitifSparkling Wine
AmuseToday’ s bite amuse
AppetizersSeasonal hors d’oeuvre
SpecialiteFoie gras chawanmushi with black truffle and port wine sauce
PoissonRoasted lobster with Bourguignon style of vegetables and herb butter
GranitoFruit granito
Enthe’ sPoire of domestic beef fillet. Green pepper and madera sauce with Vegetable etuver.
DessertsCelebration cake
Full course of Japanese French for children. 5,000
Kids meal 2,200






Video shoot